Chobani’s Excellence in Online Customer Care

ChobaniI am a huge fan of Chobani’s Greek yogurt. The texture, the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, the fact that every cup is loaded with protein…it’s just fantastic. And the brand has really become a leader in the market within a relatively short period of time. I may not have a 360 degree view of the Chobani business processes and core strategies for success, but I do know that when it comes to customer online engagement, they’re winners.

Recently I’ve been noticing that every other cup of banana strawberry Chobani I’ve purchased from my local grocery store has been of a soupy, runny consistency, as opposed to the standard thick and creamy. Naturally disappointed but also desiring to continue enjoying their product – because, let’s face it; the other store-bought brands aren’t nearly as good – I called them out on Twitter. The correspondence went something like this…


To which I replied, “Excellent. Thanks!” But then I thought…


To which the designated Chobani community manager responded…


So I sent an email to, followed by a little bit of back and forth with the extremely congenial representative assigned to my case. Concerned that the shipments to my local grocer were not being properly refrigerated at some point on the journey from the manufacturing plant to the store, she asked me to give her some simple information found on the lid of one of the soupy cups. She then assured me that she would escalate my issue to the Quality Care team, and that it would be dealt with promptly.

Of course, time will tell if the refrigeration issue has been resolved, and it’s not like Chobani is the only brand delivering excellent customer service in the social space, but I’ve always been one who likes to give credit and applause wherever it is due. The fact that the response time to my complaint was literally within minutes – both on Twitter and via email – indicates that customer centricity is at the core of Chobani’s strategy for success (not just a good product). And the sad fact is, many companies – even many consumer brands – hire customer-facing representatives who exhibit the exact opposite of no-questions-asked, excellent customer service exhibited by the good people working at the digital helm of Chobani.

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10 responses to “Chobani’s Excellence in Online Customer Care”

  1. Robin Walton says :

    I bought 20 cups of chobani yogert(I love it!) However, they all taste funny and a few of them had mold on them and the expiration date was still good! I buy my yogert to last me two weeks (cause that’s how I get paid, That way I know I won’t run out) I love your product especially the pomegranate! I would appreciate a refund on these yogerts! I tried to go to and it wouldn’t come up so I came here.


  2. Kathy Abbott says :

    Bought Chobani and heard about the recall on a particular code which is what I bought, had to throw away 10 containers!!!


  3. Barbara Puskar says :

    I live in Mesa,Arizona. I recently purchased one of the recalled yogurts – 16-012. My expiration is 10/14/13. Do I have cause for concern? Please respond –

    Thank you,
    Barbara Puskar


  4. vicky edmondson says :

    I love your yogurt but 2 of my containers were swollen and bad and had to be thrown away. Very disappointed. Vicky Edmondson


  5. Carol Kelly says :

    I recently purchased several cups of Chabani greek yugurt. I love this yogurt but when I got one of the fridge this morning to take with for work I noted the cup was swollen, it looked like it was going ot pop. I checked and I had a few others like it. They were vanilla dated 9/21/13 and others were the Mango, my favorit. Afraid to eat it.


  6. lrolf says :

    Fage is true Greek yogurt. Buy the plain kind and just add honey, jam, fresh fruit or anything else you think will work for you. You can put it on baked potatoes too or use it in recipes. You will never be disappointed.


    • Christian Plewacki says :

      Nice. Thanks for the recommendation. Is Fage sold at large grocery store chains?


      • lrolf says :

        It is at Target, Co-ops, Lund & Byerly’s for sure. It may be in other stores also. I used to eat it in Greece so I am sceptical of the more recent brands that have suddenly arrived on the Greek Yogurt scene. I like Mountain High too but that is even harder to find, It’s not Greek but it is very similar (thick & creamy). Enjoy!


  7. Nancy Plewacki says :

    I didn’t know you eat yogurt!


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